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Many rapidly changing structural changes and demands occur to the female body during pregnancy, this is to accommodate the growing baby and to prepare the female’s body for birth. Discomforts and sometimes injuries may subsequently arise which can greatly benefit from osteopathic treatment, allowing the female to concentrate her energies on getting the best out of the amazing experience a pregnancy. Problems may also be further aggravated, or arise, from the changing requirements on the female body, often at a time when the mother is elated yet tired following the arrival of her long awaited newborn. Changes such as nursing positions day and night, changing nappies, lifting forever growing infants/toddlers, bathing positions, pushing pushchairs and taking babies in and out of often very awkward car seats. Again osteopathy can help with these discomforts, aches and pains, allowing the mother to get the most out of these early years which fly by in almost the blink of and eye.


Some conditions which may arise include:


pubic symphysis disorder


lower back pain

neck and shouler pains

pain between shoulder blades

carpel tunnel syndrome

sacroiliac joint pains

poor recovery following caesarean sections or traumatic births





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