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Osteopathic treatments involve mainly manipulations and mobilisations to joints and soft tissues, as well as soft tissue stretching and massage techniques. Treatments may encompass distant areas affecting the patient's problem, although such areas may be themselves free of symptoms. Also involved is educating the patient on the likely cause of his/her problem and when possible, on how to prevent or minimise the recurrence.


On your first visit, your medical case history will be taken before any treatment begins. You are then examined. Osteopathy places a strong emphasis on your body's biomechanics, (structure, posture and physical movements). Standard medical examinations such as blood pressure, lung sounds and ear examination/inspection may, where relevant, also be performed. If necessary, further investigations such as X-rays, blood or urine analyses, or diet diaries are arranged. Treatments commence only after diagnosis. Your diagnosis and treatments are reviewed and noted on each subsequent visit.






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